Ready to get going quickly with the Better Compliance licensing portal? Here's how you can get started in 5 easy steps!

1. Head to the Licensing Portal Login Page

2. Type in your e-mail address and the password which was sent to you by the BC Support team, or by your administrator, and hit "Login"

Need to reset your password?
Enter only your e-mail address and press "Reset Password" on the login screen

3. Select the form that you would like to complete or the function that you would like to use on the left menu bar 

4. Add the top of the screen you can use the blue button to create a new copy of the form that you would like to complete. You can also use the 3 bars on the right of an existing form to edit, view or print a form

5. Once you've done editing a form, simply use the Save button, at the bottom of every form, to save your copy! 

Need more help?

View our full user manual